The Master Your Stress Programme

Stress has become a natural phenomenon of the daily grind, albeit in a negative light. However, it is also important to note that a healthy dose of stress is still vital for a person to drive, thrive and live normally. When it does affect one’s emotional, psychological and even physical equilibrium, it then becomes a problem to solve. Many people turn to professionals for resolutions to this concern. But one on one, face to face intervention can prove to be costly. Fortunately, there are alternatives such as the Master Your Stress Programme. But one should not go for any type of anger and stress management solutions without first getting into the details of what a programme is all about. Hence, we have this review.


Basically, the programme is a guided self-directed approach on how to combat stress. It revolves around the tools, stress relieving techniques and strategies needed to successfully manage stress. Just like most self-directed learning method, a client is provided materials at his disposal.

The course comes with a manual in e-book/PDF format and accompanying CD’s. The PDF manual provides the text for the strategies and stress management activities that teach a person how to handle stress better. There are two CD inclusions. One is an audio material for One Point Centering, an ancient Aikido technique for centering and calming strategies. A relaxation audio CD also accompanies the package. To monitor one’s progress and to be able to record insights, a relaxation journal is also included.

The programme creator is Cathy Nelson, a UK life coach. She specializes in helping those who come to her for help regarding how to manage life transitions, those beset with career dilemmas and all others seeking improvement in how they handle life in general. Suffice to say, the “master” of Master Your Stress Programme is an authority.

The content kicks off with helping the individual to understand stress. And then it unfolds to strategies for better emotional, mental, behavioral and physical management of stress a.k.a “mastery”. The course is capped with a promising “Looking Forward To The Future” chapter.


It is reasonably priced.

Not that cost should be the primary consideration in going for a stress management program but realistically, professional help can cost an arm and a leg. It is easier to part with $49.95 than shelling out thousands for therapy, stress management counseling or coaching sessions. Besides, to the regular folk, creating a dent on the budget can yet again be another stressor. This is the last thing needed by someone seeking stress resolution.

The program is easy to follow.

With Nelson’s expertise in the field of life coaching, a client would feel confident about the process. The creator also ensures that the participant would not have to be a rocket scientist to understand the programme. Simple. This is the operative word. Again, this is a plus for someone not needing any more complicated methods, if only to arrive at being stress-free.

It is not time consuming.

You can consider this a strategy to keep a client committed to the programme. Anything that requires too much effort and time can provide very little help to an already stressed individual, who in the first place would want to simplify and balance what he perceives to be a stressful existence.

It is convenient.

Since the programme is self-directed, one does away with setting appointments and disruptions in schedules. For as long as the individual sticks to the programme and complies faithfully with the instructions given, then he stands to reap the benefits.


Follow up is not immediate.

While the Master Your Stress Programme in its entirety is very simple and easy to use, an individual will be given extra reinforcement if there was immediate validation from a coach. When a client gets defocused, there would be that authority that coaxes the person back into the programme until the desired results are realized. In other words, anyone seeking to take the route of this course needs to be committed to the instructions and strategies required.


If a person can promise to dedicate time and effort to the entire course, successful intervention can be achieved through the course given its simplicity. While the cost is a tiny fraction of how much one stands to spend for actual coaching sessions, do not underestimate the inclusions. The course content and materials are heavily laden with proven techniques. Personal coaching is a better in terms of immediate validation and correction.

However, we are not talking about a major problem in one’s psychological make-up where hands-on professional intervention is crucial. Stress management is something that can be achieved with self directed solutions for as long as the course is delivered by a with a proven track n expert. Suffice to say, the approaches provided by this programme is worth giving a try for as long as the individual can make do without direct supervision. Visit for more info about the product.

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